Stettler’s local band Domino performs on Sunday

Stettler’s local band Domino performs on Sunday

Stettler’s local band Domino having a great year

Stettler’s local band Domino has been having a great year so far as they secured a spot among the top 12 for the Project Wild program.

Stettler’s local band This is Domino has been having a great year so far as they secured a spot among the top 12 for the Project Wild program, a new scheme aimed at promoting promising country music singers or bands.

“We were very excited and extremely happy to learn that we were accepted into the Project Wild Program as this is once-in-a-lifetime type of opportunity, and we are going to learn so much, and grow as recording artists,” said Luanne Carl, band member on bass/vocals. “To get to work with industry leaders, and the other artists is going to be incredible, but what is more fascinating is being able to work more on our stage performance, song writing, media training, the list goes on and on.”

According to Carl, this experience that they will be getting will help Domino grow and they just can’t wait to get started.

“We are so honoured to have been chosen, as artists from all over Alberta applied for a spot, and we were so pumped to find out we made it to the top 12,” added Carl. “We have had a pretty incredible year so far.”

In January the band was awarded the Alberta Country Music Associations Group of the Year Award, and the Fan’s choice award.

“To be recognized by our peers and our fans meant the world to us, and we are just riding the high from winning those awards,” said Carl.

Domino also released their latest single to radio across Canada ‘We Were Right’ with the video clip coming out in May.

The band was also selected to perform at Canadian Music Week in Toronto this year, and headed out there at the beginning of May.

“We shared the stage with Petric, Cold Creek County, Chris Lane and River Town Saints and were honoured to be part of the country music showcase in Toronto,” continued Carl. “After we performed in Toronto, we went on a radio tour through Ontario to promote our new single ‘We Were Right’ and we had an incredible time.”

The band did a short radio tour in Stettler once they were back and followed it up with a tour to Saskatchewan to promote their song there.

“Our fans can look forward to another single release from our album Ghost,” said Carl. “We are very excited to share our new music with everyone, and another single should be out in the near future with a lot more shows, and that would mean getting out to meet and greet our fans, and that’s what we love the most.”

Domino also made the second ballot for the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) awards with nominations for Luanne Carl as the bass player of the year, Kent Nixon, guitar player of the year, Scott McKnight, drummer of the year and Johnny Gasapric, producer of the year for the album Ghost.

“I was very honoured and overwhelmed to receive this nomination for Producer of the year on the CCMA second ballot,” said Gasapric. “Domino has worked very hard and is well deserving to be making great waves in the Canadian Country music scene, it was a great and fun experience to work with Domino on their album Ghost.”

Carl added that they were totally blown away when they heard about their nominations at the CCMA.

“This has been our dream since starting the band, and we made the second ballot two years ago, with our song 2:15 for songwriters Kent Nixon and myself, but to make it again, and with our producer Johnny getting a nomination for Producer of the year, just absolutely made us so happy,” added Carl. “We are so humbled that our fellow CCMA members thought of us, and put our names in, this is very exciting for sure.”

Carl also added, “We are very thankful for our families, friends and fans and everyone who have been so supportive; without them we wouldn’t be able to continue making music.”