Rumsey Ag Society board approves full kitchen renovations

The board hopes to have the kitchen in full use in time for the first wedding of the summer.

RUMSEY RECORD — Happy Mother’s Day to all the caregivers in our community and beyond. I hope you have a wonderful day next Sunday and maybe a delicious breakfast in the Rumsey Hall with the local firemen cooking. Bring all your family with you and let everyone enjoy the morning with good company and good food. It starts at 9 a.m. and only runs until 11 a.m., so you don’t want to be late.

I would like to put out a big congratulations to all our graduates this year. I know that the college and university students are out in the work force already, as most of them are done with their classes since the end of April, so congratulations on completing this term. There is quite a big Morrin graduating class this year with lots of locals in the list so congratulations to Quinn Nelson, Levi Hampton, Shelby Primrose, Shelbi Couturier, Kyra Gridley, Karson Gridley, Jamie Hussey, Brayden Upton, Braydon Davidson, Nicole Sharpe, Kiara Flotten, Austin Charlton and Kayla Adams. At one point this class had the distinction of teaching three sets of twins! Also, there are quite a few “youngest in the family” children within this class which also marks a milestone for those parents who will join the “empty-nesters” club. Good luck to all the students as they work hard towards a promising future. Please let me know if I have missed a graduating student from our area.

The Rumsey Ag society board had a quick meeting last Monday evening to review and pass the motion to go ahead with the full kitchen renovations, so we hope to get started as quickly as this month and have the kitchen in full use by the first wedding of the summer. If you are attending one of the many bridal showers in the near future and see that the kitchen has been posted “off limits” then that is a good sign that the contractors are in full swing. The Ag society would like to put out a big thank you to all the donors of this generous community who helped to bring this project into realization. I would like to extend a special thank you to Alan Hampton, our president and Jackie Watts, our vice, who will be doing the painstaking work of seeking out matching grants, filling in all that paperwork needed to get the funding and permits and get the ball rolling.