Tae Kwon Do event at WEH

Wm. E Hay High School gym will host a major Tae Kwon Do tournament this weekend with organizers reporting an enthusiastic response from the fans and competitors of the sport from the community.

Dave Hargreaves of the Dual Dragon Tae Kwon Do School in Stettler said close 150 competitors had already registered for the event.

“They are of all age groups,” said Hargeraves.

Competitors of ages five to 11 will be engaged in their bouts in the morning session, while older youth and adults will compete in the afternoon.

The one-day event will include bouts in various categories like stop point sparring and power break.

Called Hammerfest, the tournament is the biggest Tae Kwon Do event staged in Stettler for several years.

The event comes a few months after local Tae Kwon Do practitioners Hargreaves and Cade Bengert won bronze and silver medals, respectively, in the world championships in England last September.