Christ King Catholic places fourth in CWAJHAA

Christ King Chargers conceded to Gus Wetter to place fourth in the CWAJHAA tournament on Saturday, March 11.

Christ King School’s Joel Gustavson scores against Gus Wetter in the bronze-medal game of CWAJHAA on Saturday afternoon

Christ King School’s Joel Gustavson scores against Gus Wetter in the bronze-medal game of CWAJHAA on Saturday afternoon

Castor’s Gus Wetter School was host to the CWAJHAA boys’ tournament as various schools in the zone participated in the year-ending event to establish their supremacy.

Although Christ King made it to the bronze-medal game on Saturday, March 11 they were unable to improve their game against Gus Wetter and received a similar CARA defeat at the hands of the Castor School, resulting in them placing fourth.

The boys played against Spruce View on Friday evening, March 10 and won the game 41-40 to move on to the championship side of the tournament.

“We lost our semi-final game to Mecca Glen by eight points,” said Coach Megan Lozeau. “Gus Wetter had a significant lead by the end of the fourth quarter in the bronze-medal game.”

According to Lozeau, Christ King started strong in their bronze-medal game against Gus Wetter.

“Our top priority was shutting down Gus Wetter’s strongest player, which the boys did quite effectively considering his talent,” Lozeau added. “Our boys were having an off game offensively, we missed several shots and lay-ups and it felt like nothing was going our way.”

Moreover the Christ King team carried Grade 7 and 8 students, who Lozeau thought lacked experience and that began to show towards the end of the tournament.

“They played extremely hard, but they got in their own heads, which consequently affected their game,” Lozeau added. “It’s part of being a young team and I know that they will learn from this experience and come back next year better and stronger.”

Looking back on the season, Lozeau said that the boys have improved significantly since the beginning of the year.

“Their hard work in practices paid off and the boys grew as individual players and as a team,” Lozeau said. “As a young team, they have come really far and were competitive with teams that held mostly Grade 9 students. As a coach, I am proud of all that they have accomplished this year and am looking forward to the next season.”

CWAJHAA marked the end of the season for the Christ King Chargers.

“It was the first time that a Chargers’ basketball team has qualified for the tournament and finishing a fourth out of eight teams is something that we are proud of,” Lozeau concluded.