CARA track meet brings records and medals to local athletes

To the finish line- This 100m race of Grade 8 girls on Monday

To the finish line- This 100m race of Grade 8 girls on Monday

Two records were broken with Dacia Gramlick and Nick Baharally scooping several gold medals during the junior CARA track meet on Monday, June 14, as both Stettler Middle School and Wm. E Hay juniors showed great performance in all events.

Baharally won gold in 100m., 400m. and 800m. sprint events as well as in triple jump while Gramlick took the gold in 200 m, 400m and 800 m and a silver in the 100 m. sprint. But Gramlick’s record breaking performance came in the high jump event in which she also claimed the gold medal.

Another star of the day was Cole Elliott of Coronation School, who picked up five gold medals in 100m., 200m and 400m sprint and in high jump and triple jump.

Follow some of the results of the events at the Monday’s CARA track meet:

Grade 7 junior category

100 m boys

1- Cole Elliott

2-Sean Thielman

100 m girls

1- Nick Lachowsky

2- Dacia Gramlick

1500 m boys

1- Kieran Rost

2- BJ Mears

1500 m girls

1-Morgan van Dusen

2- Maegan Nasewich

Long Jump boys

1-Danny Lutz

2- Josh Weeteringen

Long jump girls

1-Ronnie Burrows

2- Autumn Woelk

Grade 8 Intermediate category

200 m boys

1- Ty Mappin

2- Frank van Ommeren

200m girls

1- Jamie Ternes

2- Thecla Wiart

1500 m boys

1-Braden York

2- Cole Bailey

1500 m girls

1- Alisha Coules

2- Corey Garbutt

Shot boys

1- Logan Hermus

2 -Jordan Mc Callum

Shot girls

1- Kennidy Fisher

2-Maisie Freerksen

Discus boys

1- Ty Mappin

2- Logan Hermus

Discus girls

1-Thecla Wiart

2-Allison Cassidy

Grade 9 Senior category

100 m boys

1-Tyler Stewart

2 -Dallyn Pawsey

100 m. girls

1- Claire Aspenes

2 – Mallory Schwenk

800 m boys

1- Tristan van Zandberger

2 – Anthony Vanderburg

800 m girls

1-Spencer van Hecke

2 – Nicole Hewitt

Long jump boys

1- Brogan Cassidy

2- Tyler Stewart

Long jump girls

1- Claire Aspenes

2- Nathaly El Jurdi