Bull-a-rama action shakes Halkirk

Good effort

Good effort

Halkirk’s 15th annual Bull-a-rama brought a lot of action, excitement and fun to the community over the weekend, with bullriders coming from as far away as New Zealand competing for the top spot.

Tyler Pankewitz of Ponoka won the first place on a bull named “Another Alberta Springs” with a difference of just half a point in front of Luke Davidson, who got the second place with 83 points on the bull called “Seeing Double.”

Third was Brett Branden of Barrhead with 82 points and the fourth place was shared by C.J Davidson of Worsley and James Roxbough of New Zealand with both scoring 80.5 points.

Despite the unusually cool and windy weather, attendance was described as satisfactory by the organizers.

John de Moss, one of the organizers said they were happy with the way the event proceeded.

Unlike the previous years, wild pony racing and ladies’ calf roping events were staged before the first section of the long go round.

Jousting, the medieval equine game of knights, was once again staged to tremendous applause from the spectators.

“Jousting was great fun,” said de Moss.

“Last year we had two participants and this year we had a third one who came all the way from Winnipeg to take part in this event. It was his first time and he had a great time.”