Economic action Plan 2015 – Balanced Federal Budget

Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2015 is for Canadians.

We have a balanced budget, we are making life more affordable for families and seniors, and we are encouraging job-creating businesses to expand, all while protecting Canadians here at home.

In 2008 we made a commitment to Canadians that we were going to invest in infrastructure to grow the economy in the depths of the recession, but we committed that in 2015 we would come back to a balanced budget. We have lived up to that commitment. Canadian families sit down at the table, establish a budget, and live within their means. They expect governments to do the same, and this government is doing just that.

This is a budget that helps all Canadians. It helps small business. We are lowering the small business tax rate to nine percent, the biggest cut in 25 years. We are investing in skill development and job creation, to give young people the skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

It’s a budget that helps families. By putting an additional $6600 in the pockets of the average family of four, we are telling Canadians that the best people to decide what is best for their family is mom and dad, not government bureaucrats.

For seniors, many groups asked for changes around the Registered Retirement Income Funds and we brought forward those changes in this budget as well. We made a commitment to double the Tax-Free Savings Account, and we have again kept that promise. Seniors are an enormous percentage of those who use the TFSA, we want them to continue to have a dignified retirement, and they know all of these measures help.

A government’s number one priority is to protect our citizens at home and abroad. The measures that we’ve brought forward are going to enhance that. Canadians rely on us to take the fight against terrorism very seriously and this budget helps the RCMP, our security agencies as well as our Canadian Armed Forces. These measures are going to keep Canada secure and safe.

As we move forward, Canada is positioned to compete globally. We have positioned Canadians to better save for their retirement. We have positioned Canadian business to succeed and to create jobs and move forward with the many new markets. We have created record support for families and seniors. And we continue to invest in the women and men who stand on guard for us at home. This is a budget all Canadians can be proud of.

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