You are the grassroots

The input of Albertans is critical to the choices that they will have at the ballot box.

In recent years many political parties and politicians have used the term “grassroots” to describe the most basic levels of their organizations. The ordinary people regarded as the main body of an organization’s membership create policy and principles that will ultimately be the platform for the organization.

The involvement of what the grassroots of political parties has become is a vital element in what is considered the foundation of democracy. That foundation is most often comprised of some basic principles that include social equality, majority rule, minority rights, freedom and integrity. By its very nature, grassroots can be protection from central control while being loyal and self-sacrificing. When it is properly implemented it has the potential to alter an entire culture that better suits the citizens that it serves.

The input of Albertans is critical to the choices that they will have at the ballot box. In board rooms across Alberta individual Albertans donate their time, money and effort to creating the platforms of the parties they support. The people that give of themselves are ordinary Albertans that feel passionate about what kind of province they want to live in.

In its annual exercise of democracy and grassroots the Wildrose Drumheller Stettler constituency association recently held their annual general meeting (AGM). Dedicated residents of the riding came together and established their board of directors and its officers for the coming year. Their work will no doubt be full of challenges as conservatives discuss a possible unification.

The AGM was highlighted by a presentation by Wildrose MLA for Calgary Foothills, Prasad Panda on economic development and infrastructure required to more efficiently move Alberta’s and indeed Canada’s wealth of products to the various world markets. The presentation outlined the Wildrose plan to achieve the economic goals that will benefit all Albertans.

It’s always refreshing to see people eager to provide input into the democratic process. As we move forward I encourage all Albertans to provide their input to the process regardless of whether it’s on a provincial, federal or municipal level. To a government that is acting in the best interest of taxpayers, grassroots input can and does act as the compass for which decisions should always be made.

Many of the positions this Wildrose MLA establishes in the legislature are heavily influenced by the input we receive and the opinions of the constituency association boards. The good news is that if you are a resident of Alberta you are eligible to provide that input because ultimately you are the grassroots of this province.

The opportunity to provide input is not reserved to only those who participate within political parties. In order for the elected representatives to voice your concerns you must first voice them to your elected representative.

Your input is always welcome and considered valid. Please feel free to contact your local constituency sssociations and elected representatives to provide input and opinions on the issues that concern you.

Thank you to all the Albertans that give their time, money and effort selflessly.