Write the premier ‘to stop killing horses’

Re: Premier’s “Culling of the wild horses.”

Dear Editor:

Re: Premier’s “Culling of the wild horses.”

When you think of Alberta, you think of cowboys and horses, not oil. For the premier of Alberta to say that they are going to cull 1,000 wild horses for the ecosystem — what?

What a sanitized phrase. She’s saying it to all the people in the city because it doesn’t sound bad. Look at the good she’s doing — they’re going to murder 1,000 horses.

Shouldn’t the first thing be — if it’s overpopulation they’re worried about — is to adopt them out? Not kill the heritage of this province?

We live on an acreage and would adopt a couple of mares and their colts and let them be free to live out their lives.

The rest of you can email the premier and stop the killing of horses.

Every week, there is another scandal — they could do the right thing and have a good “PR statement.”

Oh yes, for the people out there who say, “Why care about cats, dogs and horses” — well, if you don’t care about animals, what does that say about you?

It’s got nothing to do about a child being harmed. They are two different things.

Sheila Faulkner,