Traffic woes in Stettler

Only in Stettler do they paint fancy lines that don't mean a thing or cause any fines.

Only in Stettler do they paint fancy lines that don’t mean a thing or cause any fines.Years ago I crossed the street to park my van,when a man with a big hat said “Hey there, young manthat stunt is worth three demerits and a fine.”Now you drive down the street to park on the left or the right.Times have changed, now I guess it’s alrightI backed out from my parking place then shook my headAt the words pedestrian behind me said Jay Walking!!What’s that people acclaim?We can walk where we want it’s all the same.Mayor and councillors I’m sure they exist,But are much too busy for small stuff like thisPolice we have and they are fine,But for the minor things they don’t have the time.Stop signs are so shiny and bright,A nice place for birds to pause in flight.Drivers to stop signs pay no heed,If they stopped it would cut into their speed.A dilemma we have I’m quite sureBut what do we do for a cure?I cleared my chest and had my say.To all concerned have a good day!

Earl Ortman,Stettler