Search for clues shifts to trial process

A long investigation has come to fruition and RCMP have formally charged two individuals

A long investigation has come to fruition and RCMP have formally charged two individuals in connection with the tragic deaths of three members of a family in a huge fire in Castor area last December, with one of the accused being a member of the family whose members perished in the incident.

At this point, though, there is still countless number of questions as to why it happened. RCMP have been tightlipped and have given little away in terms of the motive for the arson attack that started the fire and caused deaths.

With the secrecy, quite understandably, surrounding the investigation, the search for answers now shifts to the judicial process. The accused have failed to enter pleas in their first court appearance, and the next session has already been scheduled for Sept. 17.

This may prove to be a lengthy trial until a verdict is reached.

The community is naturally curious to know the motive behind the gruesome murders and there has been continuing speculation about the possible purpose of the crime, including a lot of rumours involving drugs.

As long as these other questions remain unanswered, speculations will continue and keep hurting the extended family and friends of the victims.

In this context, a speedy trial process will definitely help for a closure to come to those close the victims and for the process of healing to start.

Our judicial system has lots of mechanisms in defense of the accused in criminal cases and sometimes, legal technicalities may prolong the process of judgment, ultimately delaying the justice to be done.

One sincerely hopes that one of the most tragic incidents in the recent history of this area will be unraveled to the fullest extent during the trial process within a reasonable time frame, helping the community to understand the incident that  has probably traumatized many people.