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Reason for hope in the world today

‘It’s always darkest before dawn’

There is a lot to be stressed about in the world right now.

The invasion of Ukraine. The ridiculous gas prices. The out of control inflation. And who can forget the tail end of the COVID pandemic.

I think it’s safe to say that as a group our society has been through more cumulative trauma over the last handful of years than some generations ever have before us.

Yet, throughout everything that has gone on, as a people we have remained resilient.

Throughout the pandemic, there have been countless incidents of positivity shared with the world, though the negativity seems to get most of the attention.

Now that we find ourselves half way through March, I find myself renewed and recharged.

The days are getting brighter and the sun is staying out longer.

While admittedly, my body has yet to figure out the entire time change —seriously, how can one hour mess you up so badly? —, all the signs are there to indicate that the change of season, and optimism of spring, is right around the corner.

The darkness of winter seems to be mainly behind us.

As much as it the world seems to be stuck in a dark place right now, I can’t help but feel that brighter days are ahead.

People are resilient creatures.

We have made it through wars.

We have made it through famines.

We have made it through pandemics.

The issues that are we are dealing with in the now, will be one day relegated to the pages of history.

How we deal with the issues facing us will be what defines us.

Will it be with honour and humility?

Will we help others who can not help themselves, or as the world descends into darkness will we hoard the light and let every person go for themselves?

Will we descend into darkness, or share the light?

Regardless of what we do, just like day follows night, the sun will rise again tomorrow, and the day after, and long after everyone today is but a footnote on history.

And just like the day follows night, the darkness in the world will lift and the light will shine again.

Nothing stays high and nothing stays low forever.

As a society, between the pandemic, inflation, war, environment, and other once-in-a-century events we have been through, we have been through hell.

The pandemic has caused family to turn on family and friend to turn on friend.

In all honesty, the world has been a really dark place, but then again, it’s always the darkest before dawn.

If we stay together, and stay strong, we can make it through this.