MLA column: Nate Horner discusses Municipal Stimulus Funding

‘Investing in our communities will pay off in the future while getting our economy back on track.’


Municipalities play an important role in Alberta and they are partners with the provincial government when it comes to keeping Albertans safe and getting our economy back on track.

Alberta’s government introduced the Municipal Stimulus Program (MSP), which provides additional support to municipalities for new infrastructure projects and upgrades to existing infrastructure.

In the latest round of MSP funding announcements, 29 projects in our constituency of Drumheller-Stettler have been approved, directing millions in investments into our local communities.

Approved projects include improvements to the roof at the Acadia Valley Curling Rink that will support the rink’s continued viability and recreation opportunities for the community, construction of a 428 square-metre facility to house both the firehall and public works shop in the Homestead Coulee area, and upgrades to the Cereal Recreation Grounds.

In addition to these projects, Alberta’s government is investing in numerous sewage, water, road, and culvert projects across the riding.

This will support facilities that house local water stations, upgrade wastewater lines and storm water drainage systems, replace water towers, and will build and repair roads.

Through this funding, we are creating more local jobs, enhancing our province’s competitiveness and productivity, and we are setting up our communities for a future of economic growth and prosperity.

This is at the heart of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, prioritizing job creation, new infrastructure, and diversifying our economy, ultimately to get our province, and our economy back on track.

In addition to the $500 million supplied by our government for these shovel-ready projects, Alberta is also matching $233 million in federal funding to support municipal operating costs during the pandemic.

With this initiative, Alberta municipalities will receive crucial funding to build vital infrastructure, support municipal operating costs, and create thousands of good-paying jobs now.

Since being elected, our government has been investing in important local projects.

Here in Drumheller-Stettler, we have seen work done to upgrade and maintain our highways and roads. We have also seen other water, sewage, and transportation infrastructure upgrades announced this past spring and summer, on top of this round of MSP funding.

Investing in our communities today will pay off in the future while getting our economy back on track starting now.

I’m proud to see all of these worth-while projects going ahead. I look forward to seeing how these projects will both stimulate our local economy now, as well as put our communities in a better position for the years ahead.