Mayor Sean Nolls discusses the Town’s accomplishments in 2019 and plans for 2020

Mayor Sean Nolls discusses the Town’s accomplishments in 2019 and plans for 2020

‘I know Stettler will amaze me in 2020 and beyond, because that’s just what we do around here’

With 2019 coming to a close, it’s a great time to look back and reflect on the year as whole.

The things that defined us made us stronger and became the things we are really proud of.

We started off the year with a bang, when the Scotties came to Stettler. This was a tournament the Stettler Curling Club was told they could never facilitate because of the volunteers they needed.

Not only did the Stettler Curling Club prove them wrong, they pulled off one of the greatest events in the history of curling (there are no official stats on that one, Stettler pride, however, tells me this is 100 per cent true).

The Hospital completed the first phase of their renovation, taking our already great facility and making it a state-of-the-art location for doctors and patients alike.

In 2019 we also proved that collaboration is not just a popular term; we proved that it’s alive and well in Stettler.

We collaborated with Clearview Public Schools and the County of Stettler on the resurfacing of the Stettler Recreation Track from the ’91 Summer Games.

From there, the residents and businesses took over with donations and support to make that project a reality.

In July we faced one of the worst hail storms that we have ever seen.

It seemed like a disaster that would be impossible to overcome, but everyone in the community stepped up to help. The insurance companies stepped up to the plate and set up temporary shops for adjusters, all of the contractors in Town buckled their tool belts, and the autobody shops in town cleared their schedules and said loudly, “Bring it on, we’ve got this.”

We all watched with amazement as our local businesses not only took on the task, but also embraced outside contractors and collaborated with them as needed to get through this storm.

While the businesses were taking care of the Stettlerites (copyright pending), the Town staff were busy cleaning up the debris from the storm.

There were broken branches, leaves, debris, and torn up trees all over Stettler, but the Town’s team were on it the second the storm was over.

Meanwhile the Parks and Leisure crew were preparing for the western girls softball finals that were coming to Town the following weekend. Not only did they get everything ready for the teams when they arrived, they also put on a tournament that made them feel at home in Stettler.

I also can’t forget my fellow Councillors.

This may be only my second term, but I am very thankful for the Council I get to work with every day.

We may not agree on everything (and that’s a good thing), but we have meaningful discussions when needed, and always respect one another’s decisions and opinions.

With the mix of experience and fresh ideas, we are able to accomplish our goals in a responsible, respectful manner, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

Looking into next year, it may be hard to be positive when we look at the different obstacles we’re facing.

Whether we get the good or we get the bad, I will always be positive, because we have people that will always get the job done for Stettler.

We have business owners that always re-invest in Stettler, continue to set the bar for the rest of the province, and in some cases the rest of the country.

We have all of the Stettlerites, who continue to tirelessly volunteer in all of the causes that they believe in to make them a huge success, and set Stettler as the example of how to do things right.

We have a dedicated Town staff, who above all love working in Stettler, to make this the biggest small town in the world (at least we think so).

All in all, we have the one thing no one else has – we have the greatest people in the world living and working here; when they see an obstacle, they only see an opportunity.

I know Stettler will amaze me in 2020 and beyond, because that’s just what we do around here.