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Looking back at my first 6 months with Sylvan Lake News

Starting a new job at Sylvan Lake News wasn’t quite as terrifying as jumping out of a plane, but it has been fairly exhilarating.

Starting a new job at Sylvan Lake News wasn’t quite as terrifying as jumping out of a plane, but it has been fairly exhilarating.

I joined the organization in September 2021 and was welcomed by a whirlwind of assignments for my first election coverage, wider job responsibilities, and tighter deadlines. Relocating to a distant province I had only previously read about was the icing on the cake.

While I’ve discovered that approaching deadlines can feel a bit like the ground rushing up to meet me all too quickly, with diligence and practice, I manage to always pull the chute in time.

Prior to moving to Alberta, I was told this is where the “real Canadians” would be.

Before I could even realize it, the hospitable nature of locals and the welcoming environment at work had won me over as an official Albertan. The next thing I knew, I was covering rodeo events, exploring the Rockies, and enjoying “pleasant” afternoons at -20 degrees Celsius.

Being born and brought up in a land where we would tuck ourselves in at five degrees, it sure was quite a move.

I am a curious individual. After long periods of fascination and interest around a range of professions from a race car driver to an astronaut, I found my place in journalism.

I often remind myself to live life to the fullest by welcoming adventures such as sky diving, scuba diving and the EdgeWalk, among others.

Upon completing high school in India, I hopped on an 18-hour flight to Ontario to pursue my passion for the news media.

After four long years of some of the finest days of my life, I got a break writing for a community newspaper in northwestern Ontario. Following a year of honing my journalistic skills, I moved to Sylvan Lake to take up the role of multimedia editor.

Watching myself grow professionally and personally each day in this field is a feeling I wouldn’t swap for anything in the world.

While my parents allege I was rather naive as a child, living life independently turned my world around. It made me realize the importance of citizen input, especially around political and developmental decisions.

Having lived in over eight cities, I noticed my constant fascination with the lives and stories of people from all walks of life. From a person living on the streets to a politician and community leader, I believe everyone has a unique and interesting story to tell.

Being a single-person newsroom makes community input and support especially valuable. While I am always on my toes to ensure a consistent flow of pertinent community information, news tips and suggestions from the readers are the best kinds of encouragement.

Given the increasing distrust in media in recent years, I strive to affirm a sense of community through my work and offer an open forum for ideas and information. I endeavour to serve as a mirror and voice of the people I reside alongside.

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