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LETTER: A few more thoughts about the Community Builders Project

‘Thanks so much again, and thanks to our great citizens for their interest.’

Thank you so much for that superb article outlining very accurately the progress on the Stettler Community Builders project. It is indeed going well, and you covered it very completely. There are a couple other things I’d like to mention, if possible, to ensure that folks are on the right track.

First of all, I’d like to acknowledge the work of Dave McCourt and Wayne Tebbe.

These two local businessmen are well-known for their expertise and creativity, and have worked collaboratively on previous projects. We have enlisted their advice on design and fabrication of the information slabs that will be used. Dave has a laser system that will etch the pictures and text into granite beautifully for the slabs themselves, and Wayne is working on a design to support them.

At this stage what is being considered is a steel backing plate to hold the granite, mounted on a pedestal that will be shaped like a heart to maintain Stettler’s beloved namesake, and a system to anchor everything down securely.

When we collectively arrive at the final design, I know people will again be impressed by the fine work these two skilled craftsmen are well known for.

Secondly, I appreciate that already several names have been suggested for consideration on future placings, and just want to clarify that a bit.

We have decided to use Clark Burlingham as our initial topic so as to finalize design and content limits, but we are not at this stage making any kind of list for future displays.

Those names, as is already being shown, will come from those interested. But we do not have a “research department” nor the available time to do such research.

Thus, if folks are interested in offering a person’s name for consideration at some point, we ask that they begin ahead of time and start gathering information and pictures (right now we are looking at up to four or five pictures per unit) as much as possible to submit when the invitation for more names is initiated and more names of our esteemed builders are then being considered.

Thanks so much again, and thanks to our great citizens for their interest.

Malcolm Fischer