House of Commons rises for Christmas adjournment

For a lot of families in our constituency there is uncertainty in the New Year. In the northern part of our riding too much crop was left...

For a lot of families in our constituency there is uncertainty in the New Year. In the northern part of our riding too much crop was left in the fields because of the early cold weather. Still, we had a good crop, but hardly anyone can remember when we were unable to harvest it all.

In the ridings surrounding ours and our province as a whole, workers and families are confronting an employment situation and economic prospects that are completely opposite to what the opportunities were just over a year ago. The economy in Alberta has left us frustrated with both the provincial and federal governments.

As the House of Commons in Ottawa prepares to rise for the Christmas adjournment, the Liberal government has caused a great deal of uncertainty to remain on numerous files. This includes the Liberal government’s ‘thin soup’ legislative agenda in their first year – they have provided Parliament with very little to work on. Yet, Canada’s economy is not growing and the Liberals have failed to help create a single full-time position. Just over a year ago, jobs were being created by the thousands – month after month.

Many items, including major election campaign promises by the Liberals have yet to be introduced. Yet, 30-34 billions of dollars (depending on which economic analyst you cite) have already been borrowed and spent, including almost $5 billion sent off-shore after the Liberals promised Canadians that annual deficit spending would be limited to $10 billion.

The Climate Change strategy has raised more questions than are being answered. We really only know that much of the work and costs will be foisted onto the provincial and territorial governments. The Liberals are quick to say, ” … every jurisdiction is free to do whatever works for them.” But the fact remains that every jurisdiction will have to compete with American firms that do not have a carbon tax on everything. The vast majority of Canada’s exports go to the USA, and the price of our products (and our energy costs to make them) is soaring.

The Liberals closed the door on Northern Gateway, a project that would have created 4,000 well-paying jobs. There continues to be uncertainty surrounding the Liberal-approved Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Expansion Project and the 157 conditions attached to the approval.

There is much uncertainty for the next Parliamentary sitting in the New Year, and much work to be done. The Liberals have made a mess of their attempt to eliminate Canada’s 150-year-old voting system. Canada’s democracy is arguably one of the best in the world – we help other nations adopt and implement our voting system. Conservatives have been clear from the beginning: if the Liberals insist on changing the rules of Canada’s democracy, every Canadian must have a say. The only way for every Canadian to be heard is through a referendum.