Grandsand should be deemed heritage site

Dear Editor;

We have learned recently the Stettler grandstand is probably one of the oldest free standing structures in Stettler. The race track connected to the grandstand is probably as old. Plots of land around the grandstand and especially the race are being dispersed of and a stately stand of trees on the west side will no doubt be brought down as this plot of land has been taken over by outside interest for some form of development. It seems the land in the Stampede park area will be quietly dispersed of and not in the too-distant future the grand old grandstand will be turned to rubble and be replaced by who knows what.

Can more then one event be held in front of the grand old grandstand, and the answer is a resounding YES. The oval half mile track could be paved for car racing plus motorcycle and A.T.Vs with snow-mobiles filling in the winter season. There is a fairly good space between the

grand old grandstand and the existing fence along the track and this could be paved for viewing vehicles before the race and the winners presented awards after the race. If some type of rodeo event were to be held, then soil could be trucked in packed and prepared to the same condition as the arena area. “Shoot-outs” could also be held two or three times every year for people’s entertainment.

With some sponsorship the grand old grandstand and the race track could live on as a heritage site and at the same time could provide the people of Stettler with first-class entertainment.

Dave France