Farewell to central Alberta

Life is often described as a journey between where one stands and the point one wants to arrive at.

This journey may take various shapes and forms and even be reshaped by various circumstances as it takes its course.

For some, the journey means a number of different stops while for others the stops may be few in number, but the exploration in each stop takes longer.

I, for one, happen to be in the group who enjoy (or suffer from, depending on how you look at it) the multiplicity of stops along the way.

The journey which brought me to central Alberta after roaming around in several countries on three continents is now resuming: I have been offered a ticket for another destination and I decided to take it to return to doing what I did several years ago, working as an international officer.

Our stay in Stettler and my assignment as the editor of the The Independent, The Bashaw Star and The Castor Advance have been enjoyable experiences as was producing the widely circulated Weekender.

As I and my son set sail to a new destination, we know we will be missing a lot as we remember our days spent here watching the hockey and football games, admiring the heifers and steers at 4-H shows and joining in the excitement of rodeos and bull riding events.

While I am aware that not all the readers were always happy with what was printed in one or the other paper published through our editorial desk, I would like assure all that in the course of my three years as editor, no concern was held higher than the priority of public good and strict adherence to the basic principles of journalism, which I have practised and taught over the last three decades in various capacities.

As The Independent, The Star and The Advance continue to keep the pulse of the communities they cover and reflect on, there should be no doubt that the same dedication to journalistic integrity and devotion to public good will continue to guide future editors and reporters of these papers in their work.

It has been a privilege for me to be part of the editorial process at the Stettler Independent office and I will always remember the welcome we have been accorded in this community.

I have no way of knowing how my journey will shape up in the future, but it will only be a pleasure to have chance to return to this part of Canada if and when an opportunity arises.