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Can immigrants be the answer to ag labour shortage?

I wanted to add some insight to the discussion on ag labour and its challenges.

Dear Editor,

I wanted to add some insight to the discussion on ag labour and its challenges. A possible solution to this problem is by encouraging immigration into rural small towns. Canada is known for its large number of immigrants migrating to the country. The majority of these immigrants come for a better lifestyle and increased job opportunities. Many immigrant workers have troubles finding jobs in urban cities due to the lack of work. With most of them coming to Canada with little to no money, the majority are in need of jobs, which the ag industry has lots of.

By investing some time into these immigrants, there is the potential for them to become excellent farm labourers. By having these immigrants work on farms with Canadian farmers, it can allow them to gain know ledge about Canadian culture and values. It can be valuable for immigrants to learn about Canada’s extensive history with farming and what better way to teach it than with hands on work.

Along with the benefits from farm labour from immigrants, there are also possible benefits to the rural communities as well. Many rural communities throughout Canada are in a lull right now due to losing a majority of their populations to urban areas. By introducing more immigrants to these areas, it can help recreate a boom back in these towns. I can’t guarantee bringing immigrants to rural communities will be the answer to solving all of the ag labour challenges but it could be a good start.

Karly Treleaven


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