Jan. 1, 1966 – Oct. 23, 2015

Deidre was a woman of many names to those around her: DD, friend, sis, daughter, grandmother, wife and most importantly, mom. For those of you who do not know me, I am Megan, her eldest daughter, and I, along with her family would like to say thank you to everyone for being here today.

We will all remember her as being a kind and loving person who always put others before herself. She was also quick witted and had a good sense of humor. On October 23, mom passed away with her family at her side after fighting a long battle of different illnesses. No matter what was thrown at her, she never gave up. She kept her independence and her sense of humor right to the end. And during all this she still worried about everyone else above herself. She would ask if everyone ate or if there was laundry she needed to do. But if you asked her if she needed anything she would just flick her hand like stop fretting over me, I’m okay. It was easier said than done cause she raised all four of us kids the same way as she herself was raised. We worry about everyone else above ourselves too. Now to tell you more about mom.

Mom was born on New Year’s Day in Regina, Saskatchewan. For the first years of her life she fought and won her first battle for her life against asthma and allergies so severe that she was in and out of the hospital numerous times and when she wasn’t in the hospital she was at home in an oxygen tent. But this never stopped her from enjoying life especially when her brother and sister would sneak her out of her tent to play.

While growing up she was really quiet and shy and always had empathy for others. As a teenager she would spend her summers in Lemberg with her grandma helping out where needed and playing Yahtzee and canasta. Upon completing her education in Regina she got married and started a family at the age of 17. In 2000 she moved to Mirror, Alberta for a short time to work in her mom’s grocery store before moving to Wilke, Saskatchewan. This is where she worked for the town of Wilke for a couple summers doing her favorite things, cutting grass and looking after flower beds as well as general maintenance jobs. In 2005 she was present for the birth of her first grandchild which was her pride and joy.

Family was the most important thing to her. Just like every family we had our ups and downs but it made us stronger as a family because she would always say family is the most important thing in life so we have to stick together.

Right alongside family was her love for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. No matter if they were winning or losing she would watch every game if possible. If they were losing you would know from hearing her yell at the team through the tv. I always laughed because you know the players couldn’t hear her. She also loved watching the blue jays and playing bingo.

In 2008 she met Bob where they became friends then later dated and moved in together. Mom volunteered at the Legion for a few years and enjoyed the outdoors when the weather cooperated. She would get the family to go camping or would get Bob or a member of her family to help her build her flower beds. She took pride at how they finally turned out and then started her garden.The main thing she looked forward to was always the fresh garden peas. Mom also had a love for pets. Among the four of them living in the house was her dogs Buddy and Niso, her cat Chevy, birds Chirpy and Charlie, numerous fish and her beloved bearded dragon Leo, which she had to compromise over because she really wanted a snake.

Throughout the years we have built many memories and passed on some traditions. The one tradition I will always remember is if there is a hole in clothes, to rip it. It was started with socks but soon escalated to other garments. I was told of a story where mom went to a family friend’s farm and he has a small hole in his t-shirt that she never thought twice about and ripped it farther. It was something we were taught very young so it wasn’t till after she did it that she couldn’t believe she actually did it. She felt so bad and apologized frequently. For memories there are too many to go through so here are a few of them.

There are Christmas’ where we would spend hours if not days making goodies before hand and then spend the holiday with family, talking or playing games. But I remember one Christmas where mom and her brother and sister came out with a big Christmas card that they had made for their mom out of card board. When grandma opened it her mouth dropped in awe. When she showed us all what was inside, it was 100 loonies taped in the shape of a Christmas tree.They just looked at each other and laughed.

Then there was the perogy making days. Mom and grandma would spend hours making homemade perogies. They would just make batches of them and talk and laugh. But eventually they finally had a method and was able to make two batches within an hour and a half.

There was also her love of garage sales. There were a couple times where she would plan to visit my sister and I around the time of the town wide garage sales. She would have to stop at every sale no matter how big or small the displays were or how tired she got because she would always say you never know what you’ll find. That is where she finally found her gravy boat. She always wanted one and at one garage sale she finally found one. She would also find neat ornaments or knick knacks. If she found anything with wolves or dragons, I swear she bought them all. She just loved them.Then she would pack up her car with everything, look at us and say Bob’s gonna be mad with a smile on her face before she would head back home.

And last but not least was her marriage to Bob in 2012. And along with Natasha and Curtis they made more memories over the years.

Mom was a very special person to all of us in some way. She would want us all to remember the good times shared and to stay strong and be happy. She will forever be in our hearts and with every step we take forward.

Deidre is survived by her loving husband (Bob) Robert Bramfield of Mirror; her children: Curtis Longman of Mirror, Megan (Travis) Kingston of Kipling, SK, Nicole Fefchuk of Kipling, SK and Natasha Longman of Mirror; her mother Leona Richards of Alix; grandchildren Tanisha Fefchuk and Tyson Bale; brother Rene Richards of Regina and sister Monique Richards of Regina; as well as many relatives and friends.

Funeral Service was held November 3, 2015 at the Mirror Alliance Church. Memorial donations may be made to Tom Baker Cancer Clinic or a charity of your own choice.

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