Youth centre scores $10,000 boost


  • Aug. 24, 2011 8:00 p.m.

Julie Bertrand/Independent reporter

Youth programming for Heartland Youth Centre (HYC) received a $10,000 boost this summer, thanks to what’s been described as a unique business arrangement between ATCO Electric and the town of Stettler.

ATCO Electric needed temporary parking space for its fleet vehicles and the town had space to offer at the youth centre.

Both parties collaborated to create “an innovative business arrangement,” through which ATCO Electric directs $10,000 to the HYC instead of paying the town monthly rental fees.

“This funding agreement is truly unique and provides an excellent opportunity to work with the town and contribute to the community of Stettler,” ATCO Electric operations division president Bobbi Lambright said in a news release.

“At ATCO Electric, our business goes beyond the safe, reliable delivery of electricity and we are pleased to support community efforts that provide local youth positive role modelling, support and companionship in our service communities.”

Stettler Mayor Dick Richards concurred with that assessment.

“This is a win-win arrangement for all parties,” Richards said. “The Heartland Youth Centre is a much-needed facility in Stettler and funding these programs is critical.”

“We are pleased to partner with ATCO Electric and know there is sustained support for the Heartland Youth Centre and its efforts in the community.”

Heartland Youth Centre is a non-profit organization that includes the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program and the Boys & Girls Club.