Grade 8 students Kyle Whitford

Grade 8 students Kyle Whitford

Wm. E. Hay students discover history in Annual Renaissance Fair

Students arrived in costume to experience what life was like in the days of the Renaissance.

Grade 8 students at Wm. E. Hay donned costumes, enjoyed historical foods and watched a film together as part of the school’s Annual Renaissance Fair on Thursday, March 23.

“We have been doing the Renaissance fair annually for many years,” said Shonna Burkard, Social Studies teacher. “It is a tradition with our Grade 8s, but has transformed somewhat over the years.”

This year’s event was based around influential historical figures.

“Students have been working tirelessly these last two weeks researching and putting together a project covering an influential individual from this time period,” said Burkard. “Part of the information they had to collect was not only the biography of this person, but also their struggles and successes and how they contributed to the spread of Renaissance ideas.”

As each student was assigned their own historical figure, the Renaissance individuals represented ranged from the well-known to the more obscure.

Students took turns sharing information in one-on-one conversations with other students about their chosen personality that they had researched.

To help bring these historical figures to life, students were encouraged to dress up as their Renaissance character, with prizes awarded to students with the best costumes.

The theme continued into lunch time, as students took part in a Renaissance-themed meal of roasted rotisserie chicken, cheese, baguettes, carrots and grape juice, which they consumed in true Renaissance style.

“To add to the experience, we all ate with our hands. No utensils were allowed,” added Burkard.

The event finished with a screening of “A Knight’s Tale.”

“This is meant to be a fun and culminating activity to support their learning of various Renaissance individuals who have shaped our world as we know today,” Burkard commented. “Everyone had a great time and we thank the students for their active and enthusiastic participation during this event.”