Stettler County

With plans to set up shop near Stettler, Alberta Biobord hits major milestone

‘We’re working hard to prepare to be good neighbours and community members’

Stettler County council passed second and third reading of Bylaw No. 1659-21 which proposed an amendment to Land Use Bylaw 1443-10 by rezoning the NW 9-39-19W4M from the Agricultural District to the Industrial District.

This change effectively means that Alberta Biobord can proceed to the next step of development, according to a release.

“Thank you Stettler Town & County residents, administrators and councillors for welcoming our proposed project into your community,” said George Clark, president and CEO of Alberta Biobord.

“We will continue to do our best to address all potential concerns, mitigating any perceived issues to the best of our ability.”

This amendment means that the next step will see Alberta Biobord submit a detailed Development Permit Application to County council for their consideration.

“We’re working hard to prepare to be good neighbours and community members,” said Clark,

“Our projects are being carefully engineered to address and minimize any concerns. With the local help that’s been joining our project, Alberta BioBord knows that our choice to commit to Stettler will be one we never regret.

“Very soon we will be releasing an opportunity for smaller investors to join in the Alberta Biobord opportunity. It is a big project but we have always wanted to offer the chance for anyone to get involved with our project. If you are interested, you can pre-register with,” added Clark.

Project details:

– a straw & waste wood based 300K/yr MT Pellet Mill plant. Such a pellet mill facility can be designed, built and commissioned on a fast-track schedule, producing first pellets fall of 2021.

– site preparation and construction being targeted to start spring of 2021, creating hundreds of needed Alberta jobs.

There will be a $36 million investment in this first phase, noted the release.

– building the world’s highest capacity straw fibre MDF board and value add integrated factory. Alberta BioBord has designed a project to manufacture 450 million sq. ft. of 3/4” equivalent thick medium density fibreboard (MDF) using wheat straw as the raw material to meet a third of the current North American MDF market shortage.

– The main factory building envelope footprint of approximately 750,000 sq. ft.

– final investment at approximately $1 Billion

In total, we will utilize over one million metric tonnes per year of residual straws in place of wood.

“Between now and 2030, our products would help Alberta reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by well over 30 million metric tonnes.”