West Stettler growth plans endorsed

Major highway commercial and industrial business and residential lots will grow in the western gateway of Stettler under the West Stettler Highway 12 South Area Structure Plan.

Recently annexed from the County of Stettler, the 163.4-acre site south of Highway 12 and west of 70 Street will be developed according to the area structure plan (ASP) offered to landowner Steve Wilfort.

“Development of highway commercial is a top priority of council,” said Mayor Dick Richards.

“It has been identified as a key component to stimulate commercial growth in our community and we look forward to the sounds of construction in the near future.”

“We are very fortunate to have a number of local developers who are prepared to invest large sums of money in the future of our community.”

Town staff and council have been working with the developer for several months.

“This site’s proximity to Highway 12 and the West Stettler Park system gives it considerable potential for short-term mixed business and long-term estate residential expansion, “states the ASP.

“It is the intent of the owner to develop, subdivide and sell lands adjacent to Highway 12 and to create an area structure plan satisfactory to both the town and Alberta Transportation.”

Lands on the northern portion of the plan area will be designated for commercial industrial development to comply with highway commercial and industrial districts of the town’s land-use bylaw while property on the south will be for residential.

“These residential lots by the new Stettler Sports Park will enhance that area,” said Councillor Leona Thorogood.

Given first reading, the ASP will be reviewed by Alberta Transportation over the next three months and must be approved by the minister before further lots are created.

Total parcel will feature 26.28 acres of existing mixed business, 40.77 acres of future mixed business, 25.29 acres of residential, 29.97 acres of open space (reserves and public utility lots), 24.52 acres of roads and 16.56 acres of agricultural land,

All land-use policies in the ASP comply with the inter-municipal development plan for the Town of Stettler and the County of Stettler.

Access to the north part of the area will be permitted only from 70 Street as regulated by Alberta Transportation.

Lands will be developed in phases, which will start with the stage to create a six-acre site to accommodate an immediate project.

This will be followed by phase 1b to create about six more parcels by next spring.

Future phases will take place at a later date and will depend on various factors such as work to create a storm pond which will enable residential parcels to be created to take advantage of this feature.

To create this storm pond, it may involve the landowner, town and Alberta Environment as partners, and may alter the plans to align properties and roads for residential development.