Water treatment plant upgrades in final stages of completion

  • Jun. 8, 2011 3:00 p.m.


Nearly three years after the major announcement, upgrades to the regional water treatment plant are in their final stages of completion.

The final step of the $22 million upgrades of the Stettler water treatment plant is chloramination of the water supply.

“We started pumping on May 16, so the switch happened from May 16 to May 20,” said Melissa Robbins, director of operations.

Chloramine, or combined chlorine, is a combination of chlorine and a small amount of ammonia. According to the Town of Stettler, chloramine lasts longer than regular chlorine, which is important in the large water distribution system of Stettler.

Chlorine in some form is used widely in water systems to preserve the quality of the water as it flows through delivery systems.

As of a week after the switch was completed, the town office has not heard a single word from residents who noticed any difference, Robbins said.

The water treatment switch is a small part of the overall upgrades to the building, but the only one that actually affects the water.

“Our capacity has increased, we did raw water storage, and it’s a humungous project,” said Robbins.

To celebrate the completion of the project, the town of Stettler will host a grand opening at the plant.

“We’re going to be doing public tours so it’s a great chance for people to get an appreciation for what it takes to produce the water,” said Robbins.

The opening will be on June 9, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.