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Village of Halkirk discussing implementaion of Restriction Exemption Program at municipal facilities

Highlights from the Jan. 13, 2022 council meeting

The Village of Halkirk’s municipal council has a decision to make.

During their Jan. 13, 2022, council meeting discussion was held on whether or not to switch the village owned facilities over to the province’s Restriction Exemption Program (REP).

Currently, the facilities are not part of the program and are limited to one-third capacity and are unable to serve food at any of the venues.

In addition, according to chief administrative officer Marcy Renschler, people are waiting to rent the facilities.

Unfortunately, under the current provincial guidelines, the village has to either decide to follow the REP or not, and can’t switch back and forth based on what group is using the facility.

“It’s all or nothing,” said Renschler.

Coun. Sheri Jamieson was in favour of making the switch to the REP.

“I don’t have a problem with us going to the REP,” said Jamieson.

“The facilities, if they are rent-able, we should be renting them out.”

Due to the fact that it would fall to the volunteer groups and the users of the facilities to enforce the REP should the village decide to go that direction, Mayor Thomas Schmidt was not so sure.

“We need more information from the other groups first,” said Schmidt.

Ultimately, Schmidt motioned to have administration and council reach out to the groups who regularly use the community hall and the other facilities, and see what direction they would like to see, and have the matter brought back before council at the February meeting.

Muniware upgrade

Council has approved the purchase of a supplementary module for the village’s municipal operations software.

The module, a one-time cost of just over $2,200, will allow the village’s software to communicate with the wireless water meter, simplifying water meter reading.

Licensing costs for the software are $900, and the installation and training of the new software is just over $1,300.

“In the long run you’ll save money,” said Jamieson, before motioning to proceed.

“It’s cost effective to get it done.”

Picnic tables

Due to following the REP, the Valley Ski Hill north of Castor can not allow in door dining to unvaccinated guests and they find they do not have enough outdoor tables to meet demand.

Levi Jackson, a board member of the club, has requested to borrow eight picnic tables from the village until the end of the ski season.

Council agreed in principal to allowing the tables to be used, however, felt that they must receive something in writing stating that the tables will be replaced if they are damaged or not returned.

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