Town of Stettler mayor optimistic about building stronger relationships

New town council for Stettler – Town of Stettler council for 2010 to 2013 (front from left) Councillor Darcy Bachman

New town council for Stettler – Town of Stettler council for 2010 to 2013 (front from left) Councillor Darcy Bachman

A new Town of Stettler council, with three new members, made appointments to committees for the coming three years during its organizational meeting Oct. 27.

Mayor Dick Richards was sworn in for another term while new councillors Malcolm Fischer, Peter Simons and Steven Wildeboer joined incumbents Darcy Bachman, Al Campbell and Leona Thorogood.

During the meeting, the mayor shared his optimism for the next three years.

“It’s important that this council function as a team,” said Mayor Dick Richards, who was elected to his first full term after he became mayor in September 2009 by acclamation to succeed Jim Hunter, who was appointed a provincial court judge.

“I know we can accomplish much.”

He further stressed that council build relationships with neighbouring municipalities.

“We have worked hard in the past to nurture a strong relationship with our partners in the County of Stettler and villages and it’s imperative that we foster these relationships which will allow us to move this community forward,” said Mayor Richards.

To assist the mayor, the role of deputy mayor will be served by councillors for six-month terms stating with Fischer, followed by Campbell, Thorogood, Bachman, Wildeboer and Simons.

Here’s a rundown of some of the appointments to committees and boards:

• Assessment Review Board – Wildeboer, Campbell, Bachman, Simons, Fischer (alternate Thorogood).

• Heartland Beautification Committee –Simons,

• County of Stettler Housing Authority – Simons, (Thorogood),

• Stettler and District Family and Community Support Services – Fischer, Bachman,

• Inter-municipal development plan – Richards.

• Parkland Regional Library – Bachman, (Campbell).

• Stettler Performing Arts Centre – Thorogood, (Bachman).

• Physician recruitment and regional health – Thorogood, Bachman.

• Regional fire authority – Wildeboer, Fischer.

• Regional water services – Campbell, Fischer.

• Stettler District Ambulance Association – Simons, Thorogood.

• Stettler Development Authority – Wildeboer, Campbell, Thorogood, Bachman, Fischer.

• Stettler Health Services Foundation – Thorogood.

• Stettler Public Library board – Bachman, (Campbell),

• Stettler Recreation Centre upgrade committee – Richards, Campbell,

• Stettler Regional Board of Trade and Communtiy Development – Richards, Wildeboer, (Simons).

• Stettler Subdivision and Development Appeal Board – Fischer,

• Stettler Town and County Airport board – Simons, town liaison Melissa Robbins,

• Stettler Town and Country Museum board – Simons, (Campbell),

• Stettler Waste Management Authority executive committee – Campbell, (Fischer).

• Union negotiations – Thorogood, Campbell, Bachman.