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Town of Stettler holds taxes, brings tax penalty deadlines to pre-pandemic dates

Unlike many municipalities in the province, the Town of Stettler has stood firm on its commitment to not increase the tax rate for 2022, though has made changes to tax penalties.

The tax bylaw was one of two passed during council’s May 17 meeting.

While individual tax rates could still go up or down based slightly based on assessments the zero increase will keep the town’s revenue close to 2021 levels.

“We’re not another community in Alberta, what’s right for us might not be right for others,” said chief administrative officer Greg Switenky.

“We’re sustainable this year at this level.”

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The second bylaw passed is the tax penalty bylaw.

Stettler, along with many municipalities around the province, had adjusted tax penalty dates during COVID to allow residents more time to pay without getting by additional fees.

Resuming in 2022, the tax penalties will be in place for June 30, July 29 and the end of the year.

A three per cent penalty will be added to unpaid, current accounts, on June 30, followed by nine per cent on July 29. If payment is not received by the end of the current year the penalty will escalate to an additional 12 per cent, compounded.

Bringing the tax penalty bylaw back to these dates brings them back to what they were pre-pandemic, according to Switenky.

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