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Town of Stettler claims victory in Walk’n’Roll battle

Stettler came from behind to defeat rival Wainwright

Stettler residents made a late August surge to reclaim the Walk’n’Roll trophy.

As late as mid-August, Stettler was trailing rival Wainwright by around 2,000 trips the chances for Stettler to pull ahead were slipping away.

However, as the last days of August approached Stettler residents rallied and by the time the dust settled, Stettler had recorded 13,292 trips compared to Wainwright’s 12,457.

Rocky Mountain House took part in the 2022 edition of the challenge but did not pose a significant threat to the two rivals, logging only 2,198 trips.

Carley Herbert, Wainwright’s economic development officer, made the trip to Stettler on Sept. 26 to return the trophy.

Grace Fix, Heartland Beautification Committee chair, accepted the trophy on the Town of Stettler’s behalf.

Walk’n’ Roll finished its fifth-annual competition on Aug. 31, and the 2022 win is Stettler’s fourth since the challenge started.

Kevin Sabo

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