Stettler town hall. (Lisa Joy/Stettler Independent)

Town of Stettler approves 2021 Capital Budget

The Town is looking at maintaining services while presenting a zero tax increase budget to its residents

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Independent

The Town of Stettler has approved its 2021 Capital Budget.

Items in the $4.5 million-dollar 2021 budget include $2.3 million to be spent on transportation infrastructure in the community, $665,000 in Water & Sewer & Storm work, and just under $500,000 for the Stettler Fire Department.

“We are looking at $4.5 million in Capital Expenditures that are new for 2021,” said Town of Stettler Chief Administrative Officer Greg Switenky during the Feb. 2nd meeting.

“Total expenditure (for 2021) will be around $6 million.”

The extra $1.5 million accounts for projects which were approved and budgeted for in 2020 but were not completed due to the onset of the pandemic.

The projects approved will be funded through a variety of existing budgets, transfers from reserves, and existing grants.

“There’s not a lot of items thrown in here because they were desired,” said Switenky.

“These are items we feel are necessary for the town to move forward. This budget is primarily focused on the big stuff, as it should be.”

This Capital Budget is passed in conjunction with the 2021 interim budget which was passed by council in December.

Mayor Sean Nolls praised the budget, and the work of the staff who prepared it.

“We’re moving ahead with things that are responsible, and taking out the rest,” said Nolls.

“It’s a responsible, transparent, budget that is easy to read. Thank you for a transparent, responsible budget.”

While the final 2021 budget could vary due to final assessments and the Government of Alberta tabling their spring budget, the Town is looking at maintaining services while presenting a zero tax-increase budget to its residents.

The Capital Budget was approved in a motion made by Coun. Cheryl Barros.