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Cheryl Barros

Cheryl Barros

Why do you want to continue to serve on town council?

First and foremost, I believe that I have barely scratched the surface of what I can add to our Town council and its mission. During my first term I spent much of my time learning how to work within the organization, gaining a solid footing and understanding how town finances are utilized.

What do you feel you have brought to council specifically?

Most importantly I believe I brought both a solid work ethic and a different perspective to council. I spent four years on the hospital foundation board, physician recruitment and the fire advisory board and worked tirelessly to enhance those all-important aspects of our amazing community.

Being approachable and honest is at my core of how I wish to live my life and how I approach being a public representative.

If someone were to ask you, “why should I vote for you”, what would you say?

I have been given the opportunity to bring a different prospective to council while remaining understanding of those in all social and economic positions.

I am blue collar to the core and, in my chosen career, I have spent many years interacting with people from all areas of life. My aim has been and will continue to be the uplifting of all of our constituents’ lives, businesses and experiences within Stettler.

What is your vision for the community?

I am proud that council has worked hard with the help of the Town staff to maintain a balanced budget, while keeping in mind the economic hardship that many faced over the last two years. I will work to ensure that we maintain a budget that is beneficial for both the residents and the businesses of Stettler.

I would like to ensure that Stettler maintains its level of services we currently offer our residents while working to make the path for new options and growth less encumbered.

Could you tell us a bit about your professional/work experience?

I have a fulfilling career working as a legal assistant within a law firm in Stettler. This position has given me the ability to interact with the residents of Stettler during one of the most important aspects of their lives…buying a property to provide a home for their families.

My career has given me the ability to read and understand the documents while learning quickly about many of the processes that are integral to run a town as I am working within a similar environment on a daily basis.

What fuels your inspiration to serve?

The tenacity and giving nature of the residents of Stettler makes me proud to call this great town my home and I truly want to see it continue to be a place where people choose to settle and raise their families, to grow and become productive members of society and a place that is safe, interactive and comfortable for those who want to retire here during their golden years.

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