Thurston tops polls in weekend election for White Sands council

Summer Village of White Sands residents elected a new council, returning two incumbents to office and bringing in one new face during municipal elections July 24.

Lorne Thurston topped the polls with 136 while Colin Adair garnered 115 votes, reported returning officer Greg Switenky, who serves as chief administrative officer for the summer village.

Barry Guenette was elected as the lone newcomer with 67 votes.

Richard Colley and Rhonda Moravee each collected 59 votes.

Thurston is delighted with the results and the support of the community.

“It shows people are fairly happy with council,” said Thurston, serving on council for 11 years.

“People are concerned about the lake and the growth.”

While the small village faces many challenges, council is committed to maintain taxes and services.

“We want to keep our taxes low,” said Thurston.

A total of 173 ballots were cast for a voter turnout of about 22 per cent in the village, that has a roster of about 770 voters.

In summer villages, owners of property and their spouses are recognized as voters even if they don’t reside in that community.

Switenky said 50 more people had voted on Saturday than in the last election three years ago.

“It was a very close election,” said Switenky, who noted that results will become official on July 28.

Council will elect a mayor at its first council meeting.