Three-vehicle collision gums up busy Stettler intersection

"She just spun over and hit the other car." SGT. DUNCAN BABCHUK

A three-vehicle collision on Monday

A three-vehicle collision on Monday

A left-turn on a green light resulted in a three-vehicle collision on Monday, Feb. 24 after the turning driver didn’t see an oncoming vehicle.

The 80-year-old driver of a Dodge Caliber made a left turn at the lights at the junction of highways 56 and 12, turning from 12 to head north on 56. She was struck by an oncoming Mazda, driven by a Stettler woman.

The driver of the Mazda was unable to compensate for the collision and her vehicle crashed into a a Dodge Neon, waiting at the red light by the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

According to Stettler’s RCMP detachment commander, Sgt. Duncan Babchuk, the driver of the Mazda simply had no chance.

“She just spun over and hit the other car,” he said.

An Erskine woman was at the wheel of the stopped car.

It took roughly an hour from the initial 911 call at 3 p.m. for Stettler Regional Fire and Rescue to clear the intersection. The busy intersection wasn’t closed, but was “gummed up” as traffic slowly made its way around the damaged vehicles, littered vehicle debris and emergency crews.

The driver of the Caliber faces a charge of turning left unsafely. She suffered minor injuries and was taken to Stettler Hospital, where she was released after treatment.