Staff with the Stettler District Ambulance Association. photo submitted

Staff with the Stettler District Ambulance Association. photo submitted

The Stettler District Ambulance Association acknowledges paramedic professionals

Paramedic Services Week runs May 23rd – 29th

The theme for Paramedic Services Week 2021 is ‘Paramedic as Educator – Citizen Ready’ and it demonstrates the important role that paramedics play as educators to the public.

“We have certified instructors for CPR, ACLS and PALS, that have been reaching out to our community members and other allied health professionals in Stettler,” said Linda Borg, manager of the Stettler District Ambulance Association.

“This helps SDAA to achieve our strategic goals and values in regards to the importance of continuing education.”

In the meantime, the Stettler District Ambulance Association would like to acknowledge the roles played by paramedic professionals during a pandemic outbreak and always.

“These proud professionals are well-positioned in their mobile role to make significant contributions to working toward protecting the health and well-being of the citizens they serve.”

Borg noted that looking back over the past year, the challenges have been pretty front and centre.

As Borg pointed out, paramedics are being tested with every new pandemic announcement these days and are developing skills in resiliency, as well as in planning and executing contingency strategies.

“It’s definitely been challenging for the staff in regards to the work/life balance,” she said, referring to the efforts of workers in keeping both themselves and patients absolutely safe.

Keeping on top of the changing restrictions over the months has also added to the team’s responsibilities.

“That definitely puts a challenge on our staffing too,” she said, adding that at one point, isolation requirements meant that a number of staff had to be away for awhile.

That also points to the issue of non-compliance with the restrictions amongst some circles out there, she added, and how that puts first responders at a greater risk.

In the meantime, it’s vital for first responders to take good care of themselves, and that relates to everything from eating well, getting proper rest, and just getting that ‘time out’ that a person needs.

“I’ve got a bunch of tough cookies on my crew, and everyone is really doing a great job with all of that – and also understanding that we are in this for a reason,” she added.

“My team is phenomenal. I truly believe in succession planning, and I know that I can walk away and know that the services are being run top-notch which is great. Everybody has a role, and they know how to implement it and they know what they need to do to keep the ball rolling,” she explained.

“Most of staff also now live in this community, so they are very invested in it. When you have a small group of people, they also take the organization more personally. Things just mean a lot more to them, and they can see results a lot faster as well,” she said.

When asked what keeps her passionate about the work that she does, Borg responded, ‘My team, my people, and my community.

“We are so community-driven with Stettler in regards to being organized. Everybody knows everybody, and we work together as a team. That include fire, RCMP and the hospital but also the Stettler Health Foundation. We all work together and we have a great working relationship,” she said. “We also all have the same goal, which is providing a great level of patient care,” she said.

“SDAA has also been providing information and training on our social media pages for the safe distribution and use of Naloxone in our community, with the support of Alberta Health Services. This is a vital tool in Alberta to help manage the opioid abuse in our province. These naloxone kits can be picked up at the hospital or at the ambulance station for no fee if anyone is in need.”

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