Stettler Golf and Country Club landed first for Best Golf Course in the Best of Stettler Readers' Choice Awards.
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The Best of Stettler – what makes Stettler stand out?

Even in challenging times, residents’ sense of resilience shines through

Living close to nature is one of the best things about calling Stettler home, explains local library manager Rhonda O’Neill.

“My current neighbourhood has a resident little family of moose, a lovely red fox and several deer that make regular appearances,” she explained. “When I was living in Calgary I would see the odd deer and coyote, but the diversity of wildlife out here is many times what it was there. It is also nice to see the gulls, pelicans and other water loving birds hanging out at West Stettler Park and up at Buffalo Lake.

“While the mountains are just a little further away here, we have many beautiful places to escape to in and around the County (and bordering on the County). No matter which direction you head out, it is a quick trip for a hike or some kayaking.

“It has also been a strange year again for getting to know all the lovely nooks to hang out in Stettler. I do really enjoy the atmosphere of the coffee places and shops and Main Street has been undergoing a big update this year. Having Heartland Bowl and the Jewel Theatre open again to the public has been wonderful.

“I’m hoping it will not be too long before we can enjoy live music and theatre again in Stettler. For a small rural town, there are so many great groups and activities to enjoy.”

Crystal Friars, another library staff member, added that having grown up in this wonderful town, she has seen the community at both its best and its worst over the years.

“But this past year, Stettler has reminded me of its resilience of its citizens,” she explained.

“Members of the community have been stepping forward to make sure that local businesses have customers, allowing them to keep their doors open. These same businesses have also been thinking outside of the box to provide services in new and exciting ways.”

Friars also pointed out that community service groups work together to make sure that citizens are not left without support.

”Let’s not forget the citizens were still ready and willing to maintain their support of the many worthy causes that the Town and County hold dear,” she said.

“Stettler has survived many tragic and devastating events throughout its history. Whether it was the catastrophic fire of 1906 that destroyed much of downtime or the 1985 arson that took out the junior high and part of the high school, the Town and County of Stettler have proven their resilience by standing tall and doing what needed to be done.

“I’m absolutely positive that Stettler and its citizens are showing its resilience again right now during another trying time on our history. And like after the other hardships in our past, Stettler is going to come out of this new test stronger and better for everyone.”

Lorraine Hankins, of Stettler Information and Referral Centre, agreed.

“Stettler has continued to beautify amidst the COVID pandemic,” she said.

“There has been added flower areas on Main Street which will be most colorful next year in the prime of summer, along with new sidewalks and paint that have really added to the pleasant shopping atmosphere,” she added.

“Through these challenging times, many agencies have come together to help our families and assist to remove the many barriers they are facing day to day head on with a head-on action focus! I am proud to be a part of this group that is trying to make positive changes in our families which in turn makes for a healthier community.”