The Best of Stettler series - a community that looks after its own

The Best of Stettler series – a community that looks after its own

“Where else do you wave at people as you drive down the street?”

For a comparatively small-sized community, folks point out how much Stettler really offers to local residents in any number of ways.

“I think we live in the best community, and I think you couldn’t be in a better place if something goes wrong. If there is a need,” said Stephanie Hadley, executive director of the Association of Communities Against Abuse.

“I had a close friend whose daughter had cancer a couple of years ago, and you see how people pull together and rally for community members. It’s unbelievable. Everyone just comes out full force and does what they need to do. So that sense of community is a big thing.

“I also think Stettler residents are fortunate to have everything a person might need in a small community.

“You have the best of both worlds – you can do just about everything you need to do right here locally without having to travel to a city or having to live in a busy city with some of the issues that go with that.

“There are tonnes of opportunities to do things here.”

Rev. Sean UnKauf, lead pastor of Freedom Christian Fellowship, noted that, “Having lived and ministered in Stettler for the past 15 years, I can state that this town is a great one to raise a family in.

“My three daughters were all under five when we moved here and my son was born here in 2007. We have experienced highs and lows in this town and we have seen the people here rally around us and each other when difficulties arose. So, what do I love here?

“I love the inclusion. Stettler has a great Kids Sport program and other programs to encourage and help all kids be active, involved, and included in extracurricular activities.

“The Rec Centre is a fantastic venue, the library has been a focal point for my kids, and the pool now employs one of my daughters.

“The local TaeKwon-Do club, Dual Dragons, has become a home away from home for my family. All of us began as white belts – newbies – and today we are all involved. I teach classes now both here (when asked) and in Bashaw. My daughters all teach and participate and my son is well on his way to becoming a teacher as well.

“Whether it has been the schools, the swim club, martial arts, community suppers, gun shows, equestrian events, or Canada Day in the Park, Stettler has been and continues to be a community that wraps its arms around you and makes you its own.”

UnKauf also pointed out how much he appreciates the small town feel of the community.

“Where else do you wave at people as you drive down the street? Where else can you walk anywhere in half an hour? From the theatre to the bowling alley, from the Agriplex to the curling rink, and even on Main Street and in the schools – people greet each other, smile at each other, and stop to talk.”

The supportive nature of the local residents at large is also a major plus to living here, too.

”I have helped people through marital issues, family issues, mental health issues, financial issues, grief and loss, and addictions, and any time I have needed resources or help, Stettler has provided.

“From Alberta Works to FCSS to Child and Family Services to the Food Bank and the Community Suppers – any resources they have were available. This town looks after its own.”


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