Summer program looks to keep literacy up while having fun

Kids not wanting to lose hard-earned reading skills can look to the Stettler Public Library’s summer reading program.

Kids not wanting to lose hard-earned reading skills gleaned over 10 months of school can look to the Stettler Public Library’s summer reading program for an active, fun way to keep at their literacy.

Jessie McMillan and Maggie Orlick are the summer program coordinators running the all-ages reading program this summer, with daily and weekly special events happening at the library. The schedule is available on the Stettler Public Library website, or can be found in the library column in the Stettler Independent.

McMillan said that the program offers a “safe place for kids to go in the summer…and thanks to great sponsors, we have great healthy snacks.”

The youngest group, composed of kids six-to-eight-years-old, has storytelling sessions, where coordinators will read books to them. The older groups choose books and are given incentives to complete reading.

“We’re looking to do spend one-on-one time with each of the participants to find out about their interests,” McMillan said. Once the coordinators know about the reader’s interests, they’ll be able to help find books that will be fun and exciting to read.

The reading program also takes their members outdoors to play games in the adjacent field as part of the program, factoring in some sunny summer outdoor weather activities as well, McMillan said.

Every Wednesday from 3:30-5 p.m., the program also hosts the Teen Cooking Club, where teenagers are taught to cook.

With more than 50 kids registered to the drop in program, the number fluctuates, but the programs are well-attended, she noted.

For more information, visit the Stettler Public Library website or Facebook page, or phone the library at 403-742-2292.