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Stettler’s Clearview Public Schools is sticking with its priorities

Clearview Public Schools will be keeping its learning priorities for the foreseeable future.

The board of trustees approved the new education plan during their May 25 council meeting which will see Clearview “renew its support for its four priorities.”

Clearview’s four priorities are to provide a “First Choice” learning environment, promote growth and success for all students, provide high quality career and technology studies and foundations programming, and, finally, enhance public education through effective engagement.

Focuses within the priorities for 2022/2023 include the introduction of the province’s new Kindergarten to Grade 3 curriculum, develop further career and technology studies programming, close literacy and numeracy gaps, and welcome parents back into the Clearview facilities.


Clearview Public Schools will be operating with a total budget of $35.7 million in 2022/2023 after the board of trustees approved it during the meeting.

The budget includes a deficit of just under $2 million, to be funded through reserves. As part of the budget for 2022/2023, Clearview has increased utility spending by $200,000, fuel allocations by $200,000, and insurance by $300,000.

“Every dollar we spend on these items is a dollar that is not available for staffing and direct support for students,” said board chair Guy Neitz in a media release.

Concerning Neitz, and all of the board, is the fact that despite the increased funding on these categories they are still not keeping up with how fast expenses are rising.

Another area not accounted for in the budget is compensation for teaching and support staff, which could rise next year.

The board developed the budget through consultation with staff and community members and has confidence that it is the best plan for Clearview students and schools.

Central Alberta Regional Consortium

The board of trustees received a delegation from the Central Alberta Regional Consortium (CARC) regarding work being done to prepare Clearview staff for the launch of the Kindergarten to Grade 3 curriculum this fall.

Topics being covered in the new curriculum are math, language arts, physical education and wellness.

With the deputy superintendent, Clearview’s teachers, and CARC, the new new curriculum has been reviewed and the new school year mapped out so that all are prepared to teach any new concepts with success.

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