Chris Koch speaking at the Stettler Board of Trade’s fifth annual women’s conference

Chris Koch speaking at the Stettler Board of Trade’s fifth annual women’s conference

Stettler women’s conference provides tools for inspiration

The conference provided a balance between psychological and hands-on tools to encourage inspiration and empowerment.

The Stettler Board of Trade (SBOT) hosted their fifth annual women’s conference on Friday, April 28 at Stettler Community Hall.

The theme of the conference was “Inspire,” and SBOT brought together a diverse group of speakers to deliver their own messages of inspiration.

The conference also included door prizes, a trade show, and lunch provided by Teresa’s Catering.

The keynote speakers for the event were Suze Casey, an author who spoke on the importance of positive thought, and Chris Koch, a farmer and world traveler who was born without arms or legs.

In addition, SBOT also invited three local speakers: Brenda Barritt from Stettler Adult Learning, Beth Fulton from Echoglen Gardens, and Rhonda Missikewitz from Performance Physiotherapy.

Barritt commented that the conference was interesting in that it provided not just a message of inspiration, but also the tools and systems necessary to create inspiration on an everyday basis.

“It was a very pragmatic sense of inspiration,” she said. “There was a nice balance in the day of learning by listening and more active pieces.”

The keynote speakers emphasized the more psychological side of inspiration, while the local speakers helped provide strategies on how to put that inspiration into action.

Barritt’s presentation was focused on goal setting, and how to build systems and habits to support those goals.

Fulton and Missikewitz also delivered more practical messages, coupled with hands-on demonstrations.

Fulton led a workshop on planting miniature gardens, and every participant got to take home their own planter box at the end of the day.

Missikewitz demonstated several quick exercises that people can do throughout the day, without even leaving their office.

“In keeping with the theme of Inspire, my hope was to inspire the women to make small changes in their life that can make a big difference to their overall health,” Missikewitz said.

Like Barritt, Missikewitz had not spoken at the women’s conference before, but was excited to take part as she had been to previous conferences as an attendee.

“I was honored to be asked as they have had great speakers in the past,” she commented.

For Stacey Benjamin, SBOT executive director, the most important element of the conference was creating a sense of empowerment for everyone who attended.

“We wanted our patrons to go away feeling inspired, like they are capable of doing whatever they set their mind to,” she said.