Stettler Walk ‘n’ Roll Challenge: which of four towns will win?

This year’s contest involves Stettler, Ponoka, Wainwright and also, for the first time, Rocky Mountain House

Stettler is one of four towns taking part in the fourth annual Walk ‘n’ Roll Challenge, which is to determine which town’s residents can register the most destinations reached via walking or biking over the summer from May 1st to Aug. 31st.

“Stettler has been the champ the last three years so the other towns are really trying to overtake us! They’re succeeding right now,” said Grace Fix, vice-chair of the Heartland Beautification Committee.

“We have three more months to catch up!”

This year’s contest involves Stettler, Ponoka, Wainwright and also, for the first time, Rocky Mountain House. As of Monday, Stettler sat at 660 trips, Ponoka at 244 trips, Rocky at 810 trips and Wainwright at 916.

“Let’s leave the car at home and walk or bike to where we need to go,” noted a release.

At the end of each month, the total trips by each town will be calculated and the winning town will receive bragging rights on all media for that month. The best Walk ‘n’ Roll town for 2021 will be declared after Aug. 31st.

Stettler area residents should register their trips at

All that counts is that the resident has decided to walk or bike to a destination and leave his/her car at home that trip. The distance of the trip is not important. The ‘to’ and ‘from’ the destination count as two qualifying trips.

Registering is very quick: your name, your town, and the number of trips, preferably each week but anytime during each month is fine.

It is important to note that this program is not about going for a walk or bike ride for pure exercise. It is a decision to not drive somewhere.

“We know that there are already lots of residents out there who chose walking and biking as their method of transportation, so please register your trips!

“Stettler is a very walkable and cyclable town. Distances are not great. The terrain is flat. And our trail system is excellent.

“With the winning town being announced each month, this has always been a fun, friendly, back and forth competition as the summer progresses. Walking and biking is great for our health, great for the air that we breathe, and great for our planet.”

The Walk ‘n’ Roll Challenge is spearheaded by the Heartland Beautification Committee

For more information, contact or phone 403-742-4411.