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Wayne Smith

Why do you want to continue serve on town council?

My name is Wayne Smith and I am running for re-election to Stettler Town council in the upcoming municipal election. As a chiropractor, I see people from all walks of life and interact with them on a daily basis. These conversations are a great way to get a flavour for what people would like to see improved in our town. I bring a thoughtful and open-minded perspective to council discussions.

What do you feel you have brought to council specifically?

One of my favorite questions to ask in meetings is, “Is there any good reason why we shouldn’t do this?” I ask this question because it is important to look at things from every angle.

As a councilor I am able to remove my personal feelings on an issue and evaluate how citizens will be impacted by a decision. More than once I have entered into a discussion with one opinion, but then after hearing all sides, have been happy to support a different opinion for the good of the community. I love being a part of the decision-making processes that help to make our town, in the words of our Mayor, “awesome”. Town administration and senior management staff have proven themselves to be forward-thinking and good fiscal planners.

This careful management allows councillors to focus on guiding good policy without getting bogged down in the details.

There is a tremendous amount of trust and respect between council and staff that allows us to be very efficient and move forward with good ideas quickly.

What is your vision for the community?

I am proud of the part I played in the creation of the community orchard and community gardens.

They add vibrancy and a sense of cooperation to our town. I’ve served as chair of the FCSS board which facilitates many essential social programs in Stettler. On the airport board I’ve been a part of the creation of an airport master plan which is essential for grant funding to improve and upgrade our facilities. I’ve also worked with the Museum to help acquire additional land for future expansion.

What ‘fuels’ your inspiration to serve this community?

In short, the responsibility of an elected official is one that I take very seriously, because of all forms of government, municipal government has the most direct effect on citizens’ everyday lives.

When making any decisions on council, I am always mindful of the solemn responsibility to represent the wishes of the community as a whole. I am truly honoured to serve the people of Stettler, and hope to be able to continue in this role for the next four years.

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