Travis Randell

Stettler votes – TOWN COUNCIL – Travis Randell

Why do you want to serve on Town council?

I want to make a positive contribution to this community and ensure it stays a great place to live and work for my family and my family’s future generations.

If someone were to ask you “Why should I vote for you”, what would you say?

I am dependable, hardworking and promise to diligently represent all of Stettler residents’ concerns, wants, needs and best interests while in office. I believe in honesty, integrity and family values.

What’s your vision for the community?

My vision for Stettler is a prosperous, safe and healthy community where people feel safe, and want to raise a family and retire. My priorities would be providing quality governance and leadership that would allow those things resulting in high quality of life for our residents and visitors. Areas I will focus on include housing, health and wellness, promoting industry, trade and tourism as well as working with law enforcement to keep our community safe.

Could you please tell me a bit about your professional/work experience?

I have been a manager with Kal Tire stores for nine years, the past seven in the Stettler location. Also over the last four years I have been a volunteer board member for the Stettler Housing Authority. Over this time I have gained experience working in and coaching teams, managing finances and setting budgets, goal setting and business planning. I have a history of meeting goals and exceeding targets.

I am able to quickly adapt to change and implement new policies and procedures when necessary. I have learned when making decisions to gain an understanding on issues to investigate and determine the why, weighing the cause and effect of actions to understand possible outcomes. I believe these are all important skills for a councillor to help create a sustainable future for our community.

What “fuels” your inspiration to serve this community?

Defiantly my family, I met my wife Kaitlyn here and my son Owen was born here.

My grandparents raised their family here. My grandmother retired here, and my parents live and work here. This community has provided my family with so much. We have enjoyed a high quality of life here and I want to ensure it is available for my children and future generations. There is so much to do and enjoy in Stettler, we are lucky to live in small rural town with numerous amenities on our doorstep such as the rec centre, a wide variety of downtown businesses, excellent schools, beautiful parks and walking trails, a great museum and too much more to list. Stettler is a place that I am proud to call home.

Travis Randell

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