Stettler votes – TOWN COUNCIL – Kurt Baker

Kurt Baker

Why do you want to start to serve on town council?

As a resident, business owner, and parent, I have a vested interest in the continued strength of our community, economy, infrastructure, and overall quality of life.

What do you feel you would bring to council specifically?

I feel a key to being a good citizen is to contribute where you can, and I would welcome the opportunity to serve Stettler. I value integrity, sustainability, transparency, and accountability, and try my hardest to exemplify those qualities.

If someone were to ask you, ‘Why should I vote for you’, what would you say?

I would reply, “Vote for me because I’m level-headed, considerate, and have Stettler’s best interest at heart.”

What is your vision for the community?

My priorities would be to continue emphasizing support for local businesses and services, and to create opportunities for youth to participate meaningfully in their community. It’s essential for us to shop local in order to keep Stettler vibrant. And it’s essential to stay connected to the area where we physically live, as we risk losing more and more of our time to ‘living’ online. My vision for the community is for us to stay connected.

Could you please tell us a bit about your professional/work experience?

I have a degree in Communications & Management that’s been useful in operating a successful retail store on Main Street for the past 15 years.

Prior to moving to Stettler, I worked in the jewellery industry, in a position that required travel throughout North America (from Alaska to Acapulco and Seattle to New York and Miami). Through those travels, I gained an appreciation for how similar we all are no matter our hometown or upbringing.

In town, I’ve served as a director of the Stettler Board of Trade and Community Development for over a decade, I’ve been with Kinsmen for six years, and I’ve had the privilege of coaching youth soccer for the past few years. And I’ve been able to assist and contribute to many local non-profits and initiatives through our store.

I think being on council simply requires a connection with the community and a desire to help, and my education and work/volunteer history have prepared me in that manner.

What ‘fuels’ your inspiration to serve this community?

I am indebted to this community for all that it has provided. My wife grew up here, moved away, and had the desire to return – and many others in this community have a similar story. I want to help keep Stettler a desirable place to live and to do business. Personally, I want my boys to have fond memories of growing up in Stettler.

When people are apathetic, nothing sets Stettler apart. But when you engage and contribute, you can set Stettler apart. I want to be in a position to encourage participation in our community. The smallest amount of good-heartedness can send ripples.

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