Stettler teacher moves on to Donalda School

“There will definitely be a steep learning curve.” Mark Siemens, Donalda School Principal

Mark Siemens

Mark Siemens

Mark Siemens, a familiar face at William E. Hay for the past seven years, is moving on as principal at Donalda School this coming school year.

“It’s actually a community I know pretty well; my wife is from Donalda and she went to Donalda School as a kid growing up,” Siemens said. “So it’s a community we’re interested in being a part of…I’m interested in working in a small rural school. I think it has some interesting perks when you know the students really well and you can work with them over an extended period of time.”

The Siemens family is also contemplating moving to Donalda.

While at William E. Hay, Siemens mostly taught science and math with a bit of phys. ed., and while being a principal requires a different skill set, he’s ready for the challenge.

A new experience

“There will definitely be a steep learning curve, but from what I’ve seen from emails I’ve gotten, the principals around the school division sound like they’re more than willing to help me out, and I’m sure the people at central office are feeling the same way, so I think there’s a lot of support around to help me through this transition,” he said.

His new duties include dealing with financials, working with parents, and trying to help the school realize its goals for the future.

Right now he doesn’t have any changes in mind for Donalda School, and he just wants to steer the school in a good direction for the future.

“I think right now probably my biggest goal is to teach to the best of my ability… just listen to what the needs are of the community and try to figure out what those are, and then adjust according to that,” he said.

“I would say the biggest thing is I’m going to be just listening to find out what the interests and needs are of the community and go from there.”

Though he’s going into a different position, Siemens likes Clearview and is happy to remain there.

“I’ve always been impressed with how progressive the schools are,” he said. “William E. Hay was always trying to improve and there’s great support for the teachers from the principal and the rest of the administration at the high school, as well as the school division.”

Siemens plans to take some time off for holidays, and hopes to be actively working in the school at the beginning of August.