Stettler residents share concerns as part of police traffic-safety plan

OPERATION: Ten-4 is a dedicated, straightforward and professional traffic enforcement strategy.

OPERATION: Ten-4 is a dedicated, straightforward and professional traffic enforcement strategy.

We hear you!

Ten-4 is a traffic strategy promoting better communication and collaboration between concerned citizens and municipal enforcement officials. However, Ten-4 is not just about citizens communicating and sharing concerns. It is also about municipal enforcement responding to them.

Having received constructive feedback, municipal enforcement takes action with a dedicated, straightforward and professional traffic plan.

Move 1: Share your traffic c concerns with us, by sending them to

When sharing concerns, please be specific. Be sure to include what, where and when.

Move 2: Upon receiving your feedback, municipal enforcement prepares a suitable traffic “reaction” plan. They then anonymously publish your traffic concern and their proposed traffic reaction plan in the local media.

Move 3: After municipal enforcement publishes your traffic concern and the proposed action plan in the local media, they commit to enforcing their traffic plan, as planned, announced and scheduled.

In addition to issuing verbal warnings, written warnings and violation tickets, municipal enforcement can distribute traffic-safety pamphlets and children’s artwork.

Move 4: Municipal enforcement concludes this cycle of Operation: Ten-4 by publishing results and statistics in the local media. Operation: Ten-4 then restarts at Move 1 with new concerns.

OPERATION No. 2013-01: Between Dec. 20 and Jan. 15, Operation: Ten-4 received the following traffic-related information from concerned Stettler citizens: Motorists are carelessly driving at excessive speeds in school zones and numerous drivers are talking on their cellphones, or texting while driving.

Distracted drivers are creating very dangerous circumstances for children or pedestrians. These incidents occur throughout the entire day, but primarily between 7 and 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Traffic Reaction Plan (Jan. 28 to Feb. 1): In addition to conducting regular patrols, municipal enforcement will conduct specialized enforcement actions on Highway 12 and the school zones. Municipal enforcement will take discretionary action against offenders, including issuing verbal warnings, written warnings, violation tickets, and conducting vehicle inspections.

When this cycle of Operation: Ten-4 concludes, municipal enforcement will publish results and statistics in the local media.

For further information about the program, contact the Stettler RCMP detachment at 403-742-3382.