Stettler Mayor Sean Nolls

Stettler Mayor reflects on new council and priorities for new term

Nolls would like to see a focus on economic development in the community over the next four years

The just-completed term of Stettler’s Town council met challenges unprecedented in the modern era.

Heading into the second holiday season of a global pandemic, Stettler Mayor Sean Nolls describes the last term of council as being “obviously tough.”

“It’s hard to look back and see good things,” said Nolls. “Stettler is a pretty tough community. We got through it for the most most part.”

Nolls credits the success of the last four years to the current administration which has been working tirelessly to keep things running in the community, and the council he worked with for the last four years.

Fortunately, four of the councillors have returned to the council table in the October elections, ensuring some continuity of leadership, though Nolls does feel the void left behind by long-time councillors Al Campbell and Malcolm Fischer who chose to retire after this last term.

“Losing Malcolm and Al, that’s hard,” said Nolls.”There is a lot of knowledge you can’t replace.”

Still, despite losing the two experienced councillors, Nolls sees the benefit of welcoming Coun. Kurt Baker and Travis Randell to the table.

“With new eyes, you can change your focus,” said Nolls. “If you don’t change your focus, you can miss things.”

Looking ahead, Nolls would like to see a focus on economic development in the community over the next four years, with a focus also on making sure existing businesses get through the pandemic intact.

As for what forms that economic development will look like, that is to be decided. An economic development committee, which was started in the last council term, is still working through Town bylaws and policies, ensuring that they are creating a hospitable economic business environment, and council will also be heading into strategic planning sessions early in the New Year.

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