Stettler County Council briefs

Councillors decided to defer a decision on the county’s fi nancial involvement in the Stettler skatepark to the next meeting

Skatepark decision deferred

Councillors decided to defer a decision on the county’s fi nancial involvement in the Stettler skatepark to the next meeting, using the time between now and then to investigate what “in-kind” options could be available. Rather than kick money into the project, councillors are hoping there is labour or equipment the county can provide to help the project get off the ground. Councillors stressed, however, that they do want to see the project succeed and will make a decision next month.

Rezoning bylaw passes

With no written or oral submissions in the case of two bylaws, one which would see a plot of land be rezoned to agricultural from industrial, and the other from agricultural to industrial, the public hearing was closed and the bylaw passed its second and third hearings.

Software upgrades

Council is looking to upgrade its accounting software, which will handle everything from payroll to projects. The new software will allow further breakdowns, meaning that when council wishes to look at costs, it can be broken down further. As an example, council could look at road care and see how much went to plowing, to sanding, to grading and repair. Current software doesn’t allow for that level of breakdown.

Council received six quotes, and chose Diamond out of the contenders, leaving behind current vendor Bellamy. Though Diamond came in under the budget in the request for proposal, its functionality over the other options made it the clear winner.

Grant approved

Council received a letter from Alberta Municipal Affairs confi rming they have been granted $250,000 to help with a Master Drainage Study. The study will help tackle water issues, such as standing water or flooding, once completed.

Paving petition

Council received a petition to have part of secondary highway 855 paved. Roughly 10 per cent of the 242-mile-long highway is in the county. Concerns about traffi c and weight loads have residents who use the road concerned about safety, the petition notes. The petition was accepted, but no discussion or decisions were made on the residents’ request.

Strategic planning consultant in the works

Council voted to hire a consultant to handle the county’s strategic plan, which maps out the county’s goals for building and growth in the next several years. The consultant has yet to be contracted, but there are candidates in mind.