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Stettler County council approves new regional recreation agreement

Stettler County council has approved an updated recreation board agreement during its Feb. 8 meeting.
Stettler County. (File photo)

Stettler County council has approved an updated recreation board agreement during its Feb. 8 meeting.

The updated agreement replaces one originally signed in 2004 which included Botha, Gadsby, Big Valley, Donalda and Rochon Sands.

As both Botha and Gadsby have dissolved into hamlets within the county, the updated agreement is just between the county, Big Valley, Donalda, and Rochon Sands.

Council had been scheduled to review the agreement in 2022; however, the Summer Village of White Sands had asked to join the recreation board around the same time so the decision on the matter was deferred.

County of Stettler recreation manager Lorraine Hankins noted that since White Sands’ initial request, no further communication has been received from the summer village and the request has been cancelled by the board.

One councillor suggested again deferring the decision until the March meeting so that contact could be made with the village, however administration recommended against the suggestion.

“I think we probably need to put some deadlines in place,” said chief administrative officer Yvette Cassidy.

Hankins agreed.

“There’s been no communication from village council since November,” Hankins said.

“I don’t know that we will get any further waiting another month.”

Administration recommended that council proceed with the recreation agreement, and if White Sands did choose to reapply to join the recreation board, they could do so in 2024.

The recommendation was carried in a motion by Coun. Dave Grover.

In light of tight fiscal times, Coun. Justin Stevens put forward a motion requesting that all the recreation boards within the county that receive funding submit attendance and usage statistics so that council can determine that it is getting value for dollars spent.

A further amendment to Stevens motion by Coun. Les Stulberg was to have photos taken of the recreation facilities in the county that receive funding so that council can visually determine the condition they are in. Stevens’ motion, with the amendment, was carried.

The regional recreation board serves to help fund recreation projects within the County of Stettler. For 2023, each member pays $17.50 per capita.

As well, board is responsible for the granting money from the county’s Recreation Special Project Fund and long-term planning of recreation in the region.

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