Stettler concert band travels to New Orleans

A concert band of 108 people in total made their way to New Orleans on Sunday, May 8.

A concert band of 108 people in total, with 77 students of Grades 8-12 from William E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus, 30 chaperones and one band director made their way to New Orleans on Sunday, May 8.

“This is a performance based trip so we are travelling with everything we need to perform, except chairs,” said band director Eric Rahn. “Those we have rented for when we are there and we have two motor coaches for our time there and many, many, locations to see.”

The band will be performing at and participating in a workshop at Loyola University with Dr. Joseph Herbert.

They will perform at McDonogh City Park Academy, Dolores Aaron Elementary and Steamboat Natchez Dock.

“At the dock is where the public depart and leave for the tours on the Mississippi,” said Rahn. “On a different day we get to be the tourists and go on our own dinner and live Jazz music tour on this steamboat.”

The band will be experiencing many live Jazz music venues, an array of food, besides a tour in the area of New Orleans that was wiped out by Hurricane Katrina.

“I feel it will be quite an eye opener for the students to actually see this level of devastation and the amount of people it affected,” said Rahn. “We will also get to experience some tours that include the Oak Alley Plantation house and a tour explaining the history of slavery in this part of the world.”

“This trip has been a wish for me as a location for many years and I am very excited that we get to go see this amazing place so rich in music culture,” explained Rahn.

Rahn said that the trip would not have been possible without Clearview’s support and the community’s constant cooperation and encouragement.

“I would like to say a special thanks to SolutionCorp, Pfeiffer’s House of Music, and Superfluity for their generous help with jackets, gear, and bussing fees,” added Rahn. “Also, a big thank you to all the chaperones, because without them, this could not have happened.”